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"I found my calling while fighting for my son with autism."

Michael Braun, Founder

Founder and lead attorney, Michael Braun, is extremely passionate about helping children with special needs and their parents.

His 7-year-old son, Max (pictured above on the beach and here with Michael) has autism, and has had to deal with challenges at schools just as Michaels clients have.

After working as an attorney for the State of Alabama and later working in mass tort law, Michael found his calling while researching Autism law in his efforts to help his son, Max.

He’s never looked back.

Michael and his team of talented lawyers have helped hundreds of families by making school districts comply with the law and give children with special needs what they need to thrive emotionally and academically.

In some cases, this means the schools have had to hire the right people to effectively serve children with special needs. In other cases, Michael and his team have forced public school districts to pay for private schools for children who need more than the public schools can provide.

Michael and his team look forward to helping your child thrive, too.

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Here are just a couple examples of what our clients have said:

“Brayden was so excited [to go to his new school] this morning! Thanks again for all your help.”
- Tammy

“Logan is doing better at school. They brought in some behavioral therapists that are with him one on one for 4 hours a day and they seem to be helping a lot. Thank you for all of your help!”